About Intuitu Partners

INFO JOB OFFERS: We are looking for a Junior and Senior Accountants with experience in the domiciliation, accounting and tax services. 

Intuitu Partners acts as independent accounting, tax and domiciliation company and offers very professional administrative, accounting, tax and management services to small and medium international corporate and private clients from the implementation and during the circle life of the Luxembourg structures. Closed relationship and responsiveness with our clients are our main drivers.

Intuitu Partners S.àr.l. is a Luxembourg fiduciary, tax and accounting company founded in December 2014 by two partners having respectively more than 15 years of experience in the fiduciary, tax, legal and accounting fields dedicated to the so called financial holding companies and commercial / industrial clients.

Intuitu Partners is born from the wish to offer closed and tailored services to entrepreneurs and to build an “intuitu personae” relationship based on a long lasting business relationship, confidentiality and trust thanks to the partners’ experience, involvement and high level of expertise. We aim to serve international and local clients always with the same and continuous trend of high quality delivering, services and advices tailored to our clients needs.

Our firm is therefore focused of being a boutique service provider for our clients starting with the implementation of the structure and lasting for the whole life of the Luxembourg structure. We believe that a strong and confident relationship with our clients is the basis of our foundation.

CEO Message

We aim to serve always with the same and continuous trend of high quality delivering, services and advices tailored to our clients needs.

At your service

We provide a large panel of services including:

Incorporation of companies
  • Drafting of Articles of Association (if needed)
  • Liaising with the relevant authorities and with the notary
  • Opening bank accounts in Luxembourg and abroad
  • Managing all administrative tasks and required assistance for the incorporation
  • Preparation of the share register

Set-up of activity
  • Assistance for a Business licence
  • Furnished shared office fully equipped in Windhof or in any other location in Luxembourg
  • Assistance for the recruitment of local people
  • Managing Luxembourg payroll
  • Registration to the Luxembourg VAT


Corporate administration and secretarial services
  • Keeping up to date the company’s files including legal formalities
  • Management of incoming and outgoing day-to-day correspondence
  • Monitoring of bank accounts
  • Maintenance and update of Company’s Share and /or Bond Register(s)
  • Assistance for the holding and convening the annual general meetings (approval of annual accounts)
  • Assistance and coordination of extraordinary general meetings of shareholders
  • Assistance and organisation of board meetings
  • Liaising with Luxembourg authorities for any legal filing requirements
  • Any other assistance which may be required

Company domiciliation
  • Provision of Luxembourg registered address


Accounting services
  • Maintenance of books and records
  • Review of carrying value of investments
  • Preparation of the statutory financial statements according to LuxGAAP (Luxembourg Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Filing of Statutory financial statements with required authorities
  • Consolidated Accounts
  • Periodical reporting when needed
  • Specific financial reporting when needed
  • Audit assistance.

Direct Tax compliance services
  • Preparation of corporate income tax, municipal business tax and wealth tax returns
  • Preparation of Directorship returns
  • Preparation of Withholding tax returns
  • Liaising with tax authorities


Indirect tax compliance services
  • VAT registration
  • Preparation of periodic and annual VAT returns
  • Preparation of EU sales listings
  • Filing with the Luxembourg VAT authorities
  • Preparation and filing of Subscription tax return (“taxe d’abonnement”)

  • Provision of experienced and highly qualified directors’ / managers’ mandates for domiciled companies
  • Cautious monitoring of the activities to ensure respect of local laws, by-laws and applicable agreements


Liquidation services
  • Provision of liquidators’ mandate
  • Preparation of liquidation balance sheets and liquidation reports
  • Preparation of legal documentation
  • Coordination and liaison with shareholders and local administrations

Other services
  • Assistance to find an independent director
  • Statutory auditor (“Commissaire aux comptes”)
  • Auditor to liquidator (“Commissaire à la liquidation”)
  • Regulatory reporting (BCL, FATCA, CRS, Statec, etc)
  • Payroll services


Depositary services
  • Depositary concerning the compulsory deposit and immobilisation of bearer shares


How we serve our client’s objectives

Our team mixing junior profiles and high level experienced people is able to meet and satisfy our client needs timely and efficiently in line with the client’s objectives.

How to Reach Us

Luxembourg Main Office :

8-10 rue Mathias Hardt | L-1717 Luxembourg

t: 246130-252 | f: 246130-50